All About German Binary Robot

1 All About German Binary Robot

Above, he is Norbert, ex German banker, and you probably know him from German Banker Secret site where he teach ordinary people how to make extraordinary money with binary options trading free of charge… it`s a little “hobby” of mine to share his knowledge and he get to see places as he travel the world holding seminars…

2 All About German Binary Robot

.. as this one that shows me teaching options trading at the Kempinski hotel in Berlin..

3 All About German Binary Robot

This year Norbert holding these seminars all over the world so you can get in touch with me about the schedule over email however these seminars cost a fortune.. so be prepared to get shocked icon smile All About German Binary Robot

As the online project Germanbankersecret grew, thousands of students flocked to it to learn the secrets of options trading. It started to get overwhelming.

German Binary Robot is not THAT complicated but chart watching and basic understanding of trading was a necessity.. and many of his students had a ton of questions and needed further studying and support.

4 All About German Binary Robot

And your number one request always was, can this bollinger bands strategy Norbert developed be automated for hands free trading?

This was a great challenge and I decided to take it.

So In order to make things simpler he joined forces with a few very creative programmers that helped him fully automate the system.

The results pleasantly surprised Norbert. He was expecting software to make at least 70% realistic profit per month but it actually exceeded all his expectations.

The first 7 betatesters from Norbert’s group could turn $500 deposits into $2271 in just 31 days!

Fully verified by Binary Verify 3rd party monitoring !

5 All About German Binary Robot


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That is because by automating the bollinger bands algorithm the system could take at least 67% more trades than they could take by manually trading the system!

Moreover they could eliminate almost every losing trade by using the stealth filter which monitors the price action in over 20 trading brokers and detects the slightest fluctuation ahead of time which gives a chance for lightning fast execution before the rest of the traders can react!

That alone could increase the profit by over 214%!

Moreover Norbert wanted to eliminate any human error factor so the goal was to make fully automated system without any human intervention.

No need to monitor charts anymore or calculate bolinger bands!

6 All About German Binary Robot

That`s right, now the ONLY thing needed to make money for you trading options with my system is to hit the Start trading button..

1 simple click.. really just one mouseclick.

So what’s the catch? As you might expect my products and seminars cost a fortune and you would guess right, Norbert was about to launch it for $2400 per sale.

That`s right this push button money making software was scheduled to launch in 2 months.

And the icing on the cake is that,

Even at $2400 it would be a steal because this special software can easily make this ammount back 3- 5x times in less than 30 days.

But unlike all these scammers that you probably came across selling not working products Norbert wanted YOU to experience it live and in action!

He realized not everyone has so much money to pay upfront and he wanted to make this opportunity available for everyone!

So Norbert came up with a plan..

Make money first and pay later. Let the software proof its worth and pay for itself!

Here is the deal

Norbert will not even ask you for any payment details. this is not a pay in 30 days automatically subscription.. No need for creditcard info, bank info or any other mumbo jumbo.

That’s right. Download the German Binary Robot today free of charge! They will not ask for your credit card, no string attached. Just enter your name and E-mail below and click the Download GermanBinary Robot ” Button and you are good to go..

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Again: This is completely obligation free. You download now and earn money.. then you decide if you want to continue or simply stop trading.

So I challenge you to take a free 1 month trial and make at least (you probably make a LOT more) $4800 (double of what the software cost will be)  profit with it so the software will pay for itself + you got an additional of $2400 in your pocket for your time and efforts. Does that sound fair?

By choosing this model I eliminated all the risk for you.. download for free use for free and make money no strings attached!

It just can`t get any better than this!

7 All About German Binary Robot

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Thank you and see you inside the members area!

Oh, by the way,

PS: When you make good money please pay it forward by donating a part of your profits to a charity of your choice. My aim always was while making a healthy amount of money, to help people (as i did for free on German Binary Robot). Let`s help those in need.



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